Songs For A Sinking Ship

I’ve committed a sin…I judged a book by its cover.

With the onslaught of trailers, previews, and :15 second teasers, it’s a wonder how we’re still communicating with each other in anything longer than a sentence or two.

It was a moment of weakness really. In high school, there were three things that could rouse me from a semi-dormant state on the couch. Didn’t matter if it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon or 3 o’ clock in the morning, if something came on the TV about any of the following, I would stay up and watch until the last credit rolled (in no particular order).

  1. The sinking of the Titanic
  2. Aliens or UFO sightings
  3. The JFK assasination

…and that is why I bought this album, the cover, and there are some songs that don’t make me want to hit “skip” if they were to randomly come on my iPod.

Movie Loves A Screen2:15
Terrible Things2:21
Drop Dead Gorgeous4:03
Can't Say No3:17
What'll I Do3:52
Dixie Boy3:34
The One That Got Away2:40
Wow and Flutter3:15
Stop Wondering2:13