Lost Highway

Back in college, I had a major boner for anything Trent Reznor did.

This was a time when having a 56k modem meant that you were flying through cyberspace. All the chat sites had to be refreshed whenever you wanted to find out if the person you were chatting with said something new. Some chat rooms were dedicated to downloading hi-res pics. Downloading movies would take hours. Not the 90 minute masterpieces in hi-def you can get today, but the 9 second gif of a cat. Emoticons didn’t exist and LOL was just in its infancy…

But I digress.

After receiving a copy of NIN’s Downward Spiral from a friend as a birthday gift, I listened to it non-stop as I would try and fall asleep while my Japanese exchange student roomie would make Ramen Noodles at 3 o’clock in the morning. My man-crush on Trent Reznor was born. Upon finding out that Trent was involved in Lost Highway, I thought it was going to be Oscar gold, a cinematic masterpiece, the Citizen Kane of our generation.

It wasn’t. It was shit.

I don’t think I got the chance to see Lost Highway in a movie theater. It may have been when it came out on video while I was home one summer between terms. After having the soundtrack for so long before the movie came out, kinda made the whole thing go limp for me…except for the Nine Inch Nails track “The Perfect Drug”. Everything from the video to the lyrics resonated. It almost seemed out of place in the soundtrack. Putting NIN at the top of the list, everything else seemed sub-par and inconsequential, with the exception of a couple of tracks.

Marylin Manson covers “I Put A Spell On You” in typical Smells Like Children fashion and there’s an interesting version of “This Magic Moment” from Lou Reed.

Bought it for the Trent Reznor involvement and got a couple of nice surprises, nothing really more than that.

I'm Deranged [Edit]David Bowie2:37
Videodrones: QuestionsTrent Reznor0:44
The Perfect DrugNine Inch Nails5:16
Red Bats With TeethAngelo Badalamenti2:57
Haunting & HeartbreakingAngelo Badalamenti2:09
EyeSmashing Pumpkins4:52
Dub DrivingAngelo Badalamenti3:43
Mr. Eddy's Theme 1Barry Adamson3:31
This Magic MomentLou Reed3:24
Mr. Eddy's Theme 2Barry Adamson2:14
Fred & Renee Make LoveAngelo Badalamenti2:05
Apple Of SodomMarilyn Manson4:27
InsensatezAntônio Carlos Jobim2:53
Something Wicked This Way Comes [Edit]Barry Adamson2:55
I Put A Spell On YouMarilyn Manson3:31
Fats RevisitedAngelo Badalamenti2:32
Fred's WorldAngelo Badalamenti3:01
Rammstein [Edit]Rammstein3:26
Hollywood SunsetBarry Adamson2:01
Hierate Mich [Edit]Rammstein3:03
PoliceAngelo Badalamenti1:40
Driver DownTrent Reznor5:18
I'm Deranged (Reprise)David Bowie3:48