Watching an older episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “The F-Word” and the theme song caught my ear. I originally thought that it was a track that from Kasabian, but I was wrong. It had the same thumping, dance-able beats like some of the tracks on 48:13 and even the vocals sounded familiar.

But Google told me otherwise…I scanned the song on my phone and found out it was Babybird.

I jumped on to Amazon to see what other albums or music I may know of the band. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Giving the band at least half a chance to have me pick up their album instead of the single, which I don’t like doing, I clicked “Sample All” and sat back.

What came through the speakers was an album of different and eclectic sounds. Rock stuff. Pop stuff. Indie stuff. Other stuff.

The samples were only 30 seconds each and that was enough to have me drop my $10 on it. Only time, and repeat listens, will tell me if it was worth it.

Note: It’s been about a week since buying the album and I have to say that there are very few albums that have truly surprised me. I initially thought that there would be one or a couple of hits on the album and I was correct in that respect…and then I started listening to it from start to finish a number of times in a row. What I didn’t take into consideration was how strong the rest of the album would be. Between the opening “The F-Word” and the closing “One Dead Groove”, there are strong cuts that have you thinking about the melodies and choruses long after they’ve left your ears.

It’s the type of album that you want to tell all your friends about, but at the same time, want to keep it a secret between you and your headspace.

The F-WordBabybird3:04
Out Of SightBabybird4:28
Eyes In The Back Of Your HeadBabybird3:54
Till You DieBabybird3:11
Wave Your HandsBabybird4:15
All I Want Is LoveBabybird5:18
The Way You AreBabybird4:52
One Dead Groove / Christmas God Of New YorkBabybird10:31