Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

I’ve always had an odd relationship with The Beastie Boys. After buying Licensed To Ill, I bought every album that subsequently came out after that one. I enjoyed the radio/video friendly tracks, but not much more than that.

I heard the Hot Sauce Committee Part Two stream online from the official Beastie Boys website and thought it was pretty good. After seeing the video for “Make Some Noise”, I thought the album had serious potential as the second coming of The Beastie Boys. Truth be told, I bought Hot Sauce Committee Part Two because it was on sale at Amazon for $3.99

1.Make Some NoiseBeastie Boys3:30
2.Nonstop Disco PowerpackBeastie Boys4:09
3.OkBeastie Boys2:50
4.Too Many Rappers [New Reactionaries Version]Beastie Boys (feat. Nas)4:52
5.Say ItBeastie Boys3:26
6.The Bill Harper CollectionBeastie Boys0:24
7.Don't Play No Game That I Can't WinBeastie Boys (feat. Santigold)4:11
8.Long Burn The FireBeastie Boys3:34
9.Funky DonkeyBeastie Boys1:57
10.The Larry RoutineBeastie Boys0:31
11.Tadlock's GlassesBeastie Boys2:20
12.Lee Majors Come AgainBeastie Boys3:43
13.Multilateral Nuclear DisarmamentBeastie Boys2:54
14.Here's A Little Something For YaBeastie Boys3:09
15.Crazy Ass ShitBeastie Boys1:57
16.The Lisa Lisa / Full Force RoutineBeastie Boys0:49