Live @ Seattle

I’ve been fortunate in my life to work with some pretty cool people. Working in radio you get to meet some of the artists that you play on the air. Whether it’s a concert that the station is co-sponsoring with the local Ford dealership or the star gets cabbed into the morning show to talk about their latest project between traffic and weather updates.

Working for a (non-radio) company in Seattle, we had the opportunity to do a collaboration with Pearl Jam. Sure, we had done some collabs before with some local musicians and hip hop acts, but nothing on an international level such as Pearl Jam and it came about all because we fucked up an order.

One of the products that we sold was high-quality baseball caps that would run you in the neighborhood of $40. I get an email in the general inbox from a guy named Rob. He explains that we sent him the wrong size and would like to send it back for a replacement. Don’t know why I didn’t just shoot him a quick note back, but I decided to call his number at the bottom of the e-mail:

“Hey, is Rob there?”

“This is Rob.”

“Sorry about the mix up, I’ll drop another cap in the mail and give the cap that we sent you to a friend.” This was our basic policy when it came to caps. No need to get an RMA or pay shipping again back to us, it was too much of a pain in the ass.



“That’s awesome man, thanks for that. I’d like to repay the favor. How many guys work in your shop?”

“A dozen, maybe.”

“Cool. Look for a box from me in the next couple of days.”

“Thanks Rob. Let me know if you need anything else.”

And with that, I hung up the phone and thought nothing of it. Then the box arrived.

I don’t get mail at the office, and if I did, it was generally spam. I grabbed the box from my desk. It was sizeable and heavy. I opened it up after seeing the return address as “Ten Club, LLC” and gazed upon a bounty of Pearl Jam swag. Not just any swag, but t-shirts, DVDs, stickers, and a box set of bootleg shows from 2012. I was awestruck.

I grabbed a couple of the more choice items and handed the remains to guys in the back so they can plunder to their heart’s content.

…back to why I bought this album…

Having seen quite a few big acts that come through town, you get a feel for the crowds. Are they local? Did they travel? Are they following the band from gig to gig? Kevin, one of the guys I worked with was able to get a code so that we could buy tickets. They weren’t comped, we paid the same price as everyone else, but we were sat in special “Friends & Family” sections on the floor of Key Arena.

It really was a special show. One of the ways you could tell was the mile-long line of everyone picking up their “Friends & Family” tickets. I remember one concert-goer complaining about the length of the line and somebody piped in, “It’s Seattle, everyone’s either a friend or family member of Pearl Jam.” The other thing you notice about a Pearl Jam crowd is that it truly is international. Seeing flags and banners from South America and Europe hanging from the railings.

It was the last night of the tour in the band’s hometown. The band played for a little more than 3 hours, even bringing up members of openers Mudhoney to close the night.  Normally, I am not a big fan of bootlegs. There are a few bands that I trust their sound guy is going to do the experience justice. This was one of them. From the false starts to the coherent (and sometimes incoherent) ramblings of Eddie Vedder, it’s all there.

PendulumPearl Jam4:18
NothingmanPearl Jam4:40
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small TownPearl Jam3:34
Interstellar OverdrivePearl Jam0:52
CorduroyPearl Jam4:52
Lightning BoltPearl Jam5:39
Mind Your MannersPearl Jam5:14
Given To FlyPearl Jam4:18
PilatePearl Jam3:14
GardenPearl Jam5:26
GetawayPearl Jam3:34
Even FlowPearl Jam12:19
SirensPearl Jam6:45
In My TreePearl Jam4:25
Do The EvolutionPearl Jam3:30
Unthought KnownPearl Jam3:49
BlackPearl Jam9:00
Let The Records PlayPearl Jam3:58
Spin The Black CirclePearl Jam3:21
LukinPearl Jam0:57
BettermanPearl Jam10:44
Encore 1 BreakPearl Jam6:52
After HoursPearl Jam2:46
Let Me SleepPearl Jam6:38
Future DaysPearl Jam4:08
DaughterPearl Jam3:44
Chloe DancerPearl Jam2:04
Crown Of ThornsPearl Jam7:10
BreathPearl Jam5:01
State Of Love And TrustPearl Jam3:11
PorchPearl Jam8:06
Encore 2 BreakPearl Jam1:57
SupersonicPearl Jam2:34
Got SomePearl Jam2:50
RearviewmirrorPearl Jam6:57
AlivePearl Jam9:44
Kick Out The JamsPearl Jam (feat. Mudhoney)4:16
EruptionPearl Jam1:23
Yellow LedbetterPearl Jam7:16