The Razor’s Edge

I was pretty lucky with my upbringing. With the exception of a couple albums that I had bought, my parents never really said anything about what I was listening to. So there wasn’t any of that “Stop playing the Devil’s music” emanating from the kitchen, nor did my parental units share in the joy of a new Europe or Duran Duran album coming out. Sure, they loved music and Dad even played it in the church choir, but we wouldn’t be waiting in line together at the midnight release of the latest Pearl Jam CD.

One of the ways I got my fix was through BMG. This was a genius idea, I thought. I could get CDs in the mail. I wouldn’t have to leave my house and all I had to do was pay the exorbitant cost for the CD plus shipping and handling. You didn’t have to send them any money, they would bill you later! But wait, there’s more. If you didn’t send back the little card every month letting them know if you wanted the monthly selection or not, they sent it to you anyway.

One of those months, the featured CD was AC/DC’s The Razor’s Edge.

The video for “Thunderstruck” was getting some pretty heavy airplay on MTV during the day and on Headbanger’s Ball. The group put out albums every couple of years or so but hadn’t had much success in the US since Back In Black. This was being touted as the “second coming of AC/DC”.

The other thing about getting the CDs in the mail from BMG, is that I couldn’t remember if I had sent the card back or not letting them know if I wanted the month’s selection or not. So whenever a package showed up with my name on it in the familiar CD shaped cardboard mailer, I had no idea what was contained within. It was almost like a Christmas gift that had come early.

One of the things that made me all tingly inside was the earlier-mentioned video for “Thunderstruck”. The thing that struck me the most was the fact that the opening shot was of Angus Young playing the intro with one hand. I wanted to know what the sorcery was, for in my years of learning I always thought that you had to play the guitar with 2 hands, not one! I had to figure out how he was doing it. It was a great lick…it was fast…it mesmerized me every time I saw it on MTV. So I kept the CD and I would play “Thunderstruck” over and over and over, trying to figure out how the sounds were being created with one hand. I wouldn’t play the whole track though, no. I would play the intro until Brian Johnson would start singing and then *click*, back to the beginning.

To this day, still haven’t figured out how Angus played the intro with one hand, must have been a pretty powerful amp attached to his guitar. That’s the only explanation I have for that wizardry.

Fire Your Guns2:54
Money Talks3:46
The Razor's Edge4:22
Mistress For Christmas4:00
Rock Your Heart Out4:07
Are You Ready4:10
Got You By The Balls4:30
Shot Of Love3:57
Lets Make It3:32
Goodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck3:14
If You Dare3:09