There are quite a few albums in my collection that I will buy for one particular track and not listen to the rest of the album or on the flip side I’ll buy an album for a single track and be pleasantly surprised at how good the rest of the album turned out to be. Extreme’s Extreme turned out to be the former rather than the latter.

Back in the late 80s, Google voice recognition software didn’t exist so there was no database that you could access by holding up a phone to “listen” to some music and get back to you with the artist, song, album, and a link to purchase.

Ever since seeing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure at the movie theatre, I had always kept the mall / music montage scene in the back of my head as music I would like to find someday. It was filed back in the “save for later” recesses of my brain. I remembered the basics of the music used in the scene…classically (albeit loosely) based track played on guitar. Flash forward to the early 2010s when I was binging on documentaries on Netflix and Air Guitar World Championship popped up on my queue. Not having anything better to do on my day off, I charged on.

The doc film itself was “good”. Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking to see, once you’ve seen one air guitar performance, you’ve seen them all. One of the endearing qualities of the flick was the paths that the different contestants took to get where they were and it kind of sucked you in. As I was watching and not really paying attention to the action, I heard a familiar series of notes. Could it be? Was it? Maybe? Yes!

It was the same music that I had heard about 25 years prior at the movie theatre showing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. In hindsight, could I have watched the end credits to figure out what music was played during the mall montage? Sure, but there were a lot of unknown artists with unknown works on the list and I couldn’t follow the credits fast enough. So at the end of Air Guitar World Championship, I made a note that it was Extreme’s “Play With Me” off of their debut, Extreme.

I ended picking up the CD at a used record shop in the week or 3 after that. Good thing it was used, the album cost me 99 cents (I think) and “Play With Me” was pretty much the only good track on there.

Little Girls3:48
Wind Me Up3:37
Kid Ego4:05
Watching, Waiting4:55
Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today)4:52
Teacher's Pet3:02
Big Boys Don't Cry3:34
Smoke Signals4:14
Flesh 'N' Blood3:32
Rock A Bye Bye5:57
Play With Me3:29