I’ve never been a huge video game nerd. I never had the latest gaming systems. My computer has been used more for surfing the web and writing documents than it has been for first-person shooters. There have been a couple of games that I have picked up on release day like Grand Theft Auto, but nothing really more than that.

In college, Dan and I were often attached at the hip and there were many things that we connected on. We spent a lot of time together either getting up to no good or doing absolutely nothing. One thing that we connected on, thanks to him, was our love for anything Trent Reznor did. We would send each other links to different interviews and let each other know if there was a new remix of a NIN track to be found in the dark recesses of the internet. Dan wasn’t a gamer but one day said, “Hey, let’s go to the mall, I wanna pick up a game.” So we jumped into his white sedan and headed to the Arnot Mall to, of all places, Coconuts.

On the way over, he told me of Trent’s involvement in Quake, saying it was “like Wolfenstein 3-D, but different.” Okay, I could get behind that. We got to the mall and headed for Coconuts, making a stop at The Oriental Pearl to look at the posters of scantily clad women.

We had to ask the clerk about Quake at the store and he said, “Oh these?” and pointed to the discs at the register. It was only a trial version for about $6 but it was an avenue to getting our ears around Trent’s music.

Rushing home, both with copies in our hand, we couldn’t wait to load it up onto my computer to play…and we played. All night into most of the next day. Classes were missed, phone calls were ignored, and one fire alarm was set (not by us). We had gone through all the levels that were on the disc and had exhausted ourselves on Trent for the time being.

Later the next day, Dan came bouncing into my room like his head was on fire and said, “HEY! CHECK THIS OUT!”. The disc was still in my computer and he proceeded to open up the file folder on the drive and said, “LOOK AT THAT SHIT!”…

I couldn’t believe it, the game that we had played for almost 36 hours straight, had the MP3 files in a separate folder on the disc. It was like finding, at the time, our Holy Grail.

Every now and then I will put the Quake soundtrack on in the background while I am working on a project, it keeps me going, and will occasionally let me pause for a little bit of nostalgia.

Track 15:09
Track 22:26
Track 38:20
Track 46:05
Track 57:25
Track 68:38
Track 75:36
Track 86:29
Track 93:33
Track 105:17