The Library EP

I had just moved to Seattle and was in need of a job or at least something that would let me pass the time between interviews. Happening on a Craigslist ad looking for people to go to shows and review music. The pay was $0.00, but it was something to do with music, which I liked. I thought it would be cool to see things on the other side of the industry.

After a quick phone interview, the good folks at Melophobe were willing to give me a shot, sending over a couple of zip files with music for a “40 word review”. Working for a radio station you get used to receiving shit CDs in your mailbox daily that you wouldn’t give a second glance to (or even the album art) because you had that “feeling” or you were running out of time in the day to give a shit about listening to somebody’s friend’s band. Anyway, I got the 2 links in my inbox and couldn’t tell who they were by the file name. No bother, they were small files so I thought, “How much time could I possibly kill?”

First link was for an album by Condo Fucks and Yo La Tengo called Fuckbook. Quite frankly, not my cup of tea, but I was able to fill the required 40 words without any issue.

Second link was for an EP from a band called The Library. Album artwork looked like a cross between a napkin sketch and a fabric worn by Jackie Onassis. Honestly, it wasn’t until the second listen of the EP until it really drew me in.  Four songs with an additional 2 remixes. Didn’t care too much for the remixes (Even the one by a guy called DJ Skrillex) but the rest of the EP was solid. I thought they were a cross between Franz Ferdinand and The Killers. As it turns out, there are some producers and other personnel on The Library EP that also worked on stuff for Franz Ferdinand and The Killers. I thought I had stumbled onto the next big thing and I was hearing it before anyone else.

The EP stuck around in my iPod for quite some time and some of the tracks still linger on my “Top Played” playlists. I had forgotten about them for some time and decided to look them up and see if any new material was going to come out soon. As luck would have it, shortly after the EP was released, they broke up.

It Ain't Over3:21
No Mercy, Only Violence2:34
One More Time4:10
You Don't Need No Doctor, Sugar4:23
You Don't Need No Doctor, Sugar [DJ Skeet Skeet Remix]5:05
No Mercy, Only Violence [DJ Skrillex Remix]4:42