Unknown Pleasures

This album falls into a category that I like to call “Albums I Think I Should Have In My Collection, But Don’t”. Reason being, there are some albums that are classics because of the impact they had on society at the time of release, and there are others that are…just because.

I had seen the album artwork for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures on t-shirts and even tattoos. It intrigued me so much that I bought the album without giving it much of a listen. I knew that it was on all sorts of list from Rolling Stone’s “50 Coolest Albums Of All Time” and other hipster favorites.

Driving around town on sunny day, I popped the album up on my iPod and started listening. I kept waiting for it to “get better”, but it never did. At the end of the album, I felt worse than when I started, and thought, “Fuck, that was depressing”.

I may have given it an unfair first listen, but quite frankly, I’m not rushing back to give it a listen and think about what misunderstood geniuses they were or the simple fact of how much “I get it”. Or don’t “get it”, whatever the case may be.

Day Of The Lords4:48
New Dawn Fades4:52
She's Lost Control3:57
I Remember Nothing5:55