A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Sometimes Dad would buy music and then give it to me once he was done with the CD, other times, I may have inadvertently stolen it from him. Either way, I can’t remember how Coldplay’s A Rush Of Blood To The Head came into my collection. In short, it was either gifted to me or I stole it.

“Clocks” was a huge hit when it came out in the early 2000s. You couldn’t turn on the radio and not hear it every 73 minutes. Coldplay had been an alternative band that kids would like and listen to, and it was cool. After “Clocks” ran up and down Top 40 charts all over the country, parents started to like listening to Coldplay, and that was uncool.

I was working in a real estate office at the time and my computer was the only one with speakers. The admin office had myself with 2 other women, probably in their late 40s / early 50s. It was a small office, but we got along for the most part. When it came to the choice of music to be played, I would try and pick things that were Safe For Work, and then have my own playlists for the days that I was flying solo or my 2 co-workers had taken a lunch together.

One day, I put Coldplay’s A Rush Of Blood To The Head On. First track “Politik” is a great track if you are looking to get your body in gear, either at the gym or in the office. The intro is a real “kick in the pants”. In fact, the album as a whole is pretty high-energy, and feel-good, and some other hyphenated terms. Thought it was a little edgy for the office, but I was testing the waters to see how deep I could go.  I wasn’t thinking much of what I was listening to apart from the fact that it was noise coming out of my little computer speakers. Then Kathy piped up, “Is that the Clocks song? I really like that one.”

I was conflicted.

On one hand, I found an album that was considered “Safe” for the office. On the other hand, I shared music tastes with a woman in her mid-50s.

I only listened to that album at the office. After I left that job, I hadn’t listened to it in earnest until recently. It’s still a good album and it’s still an album that menopausal women in their mid 50s like to listen to.

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face4:57
Green Eyes3:43
In My Place3:49
A Rush Of Blood To The Head5:51
The Scientist5:09
Warning Sign5:31
A Whisper3:58