All Day

It was a Rolling Stone article that led me to Girl Talk. I think it was called The Best Free Album You Haven’t Downloaded, Yet or something like that. I hadn’t heard of Girl Talk before and quite frankly it sounded like one of the recent one-hit-wonder all-girl pop acts that was being manufactured out of the UK. I was bored at work, nobody was in the store, and I was looking for something that would help bring me to the end of the day.

Reading the article clued me in that Girl Talk wasn’t a group, just a single guy named Greg that created mash-ups. I enjoy mash-ups, especially ones that are done well. Having spent time in radio doing sound production, I have a keen ear for mistakes in edits, levels, and other rookie mistakes.

By the time the album came on my radar, it had been out for a few days. I searched the internet for what other people were saying and the general consensus was that this album was the greatest thing since ribbed condoms.

It was a free download, what did I have to lose?

I decided to get the download as the single 70 minute file and force myself to listen to it all the way through once. I was skeptical at first. There’s no way that someone can hold my interest for a 4 minute mash-up, let alone 70 minutes.

All Day didn’t start out like I thought it would. It started with Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, an odd choice I thought…and then Ludacris started rapping over top of that. Another odd choice, but it worked, and it worked really well. I continued listening to the track for a little while longer and the next thing I know I’m about 1/2 hour in to the thing.

Without me knowing, it changed the way I was listening to the music. Work no longer mattered. Customers, though present, weren’t there. I was listening to All Day with a sense of “What am I going to hear next?”

NWA was married with Jane’s Addiction. Hits of the 70s & 80s tunneling with the music of today. I was aurally taken to places that I never knew existed.

I downloaded the track again at home and gave it a listen to it through headphones. Every time I listen to it, I think I find another one of the 372 samples that were used.

Oh No5:39
Let It Out6:29
That's Right5:23
Jump On Stage6:22
This Is The Remix6:02
On And On5:09
Get It Get It5:33
Down For The Count6:38
Make Me Wanna6:23
Steady Shock5:48
Triple Double6:28
Every Day5:11