Number Ones

Before you were able to buy songs for 99 ¢ each, I took great pride in having amassed such a large music collection. Waiting for people to say, “Hey, do you have X? I have been looking for it forever.” and me being able to say, “Of course I have it!” People would ask me for some of the more obscure stuff, but mostly the mainstream pop hits.

I would often take family photos and turn them into slideshows with music that seemed to fit the mood perfectly. I was borderline obsessed with building a library that myself and others would reference if something was needed. This was another purchase that seemed to satisfy that need. It wasn’t for the global phenomenon that was Mamma Mia! spreading like wildfire as Broadway productions criss-crossed the country and then came the movie…

But I digress. I knew ABBA was important to the pop music scene in the 70s. I knew they were still alive but they wouldn’t perform together even after allegedly being offered $1,000,000. They had some big hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo”. Sold millions of albums all over the world. Deemed important enough by Erasure to cover “Take A Chance On Me” (making it a hit themselves). But that was it.

I wasn’t caught up in the hysteria that followed the superstars like everything from Swedish; pre-packed furniture and meatballs abound. This album is in my collection just in case I have a hankering for “Dancing Queen” or need “The Winner Takes It All” if my next family slideshow has the annual 3-legged race featured prominently.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:51
Mamma Mia3:33
Dancing Queen3:53
Super Trouper4:14
Summer Night City3:35
Money, Money, Money3:07
The Winner Takes It All4:56
One Of Us3:57
Knowing Me, Knowing You4:04
The Name Of The Game4:54
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:17
Take A Chance On Me4:02
I Have A Dream4:45