This is a song that I have listened to, probably, a million times and never known what it was called. Many moons back, I had always seen the cover of the single at Best Buy and thought that it was nothing more than some heavy, industrial techno dance single that either I had heard all before or just was too out there for my tastes at the time. I saw the cover, recognized the entity as Aphex Twin and moved on to the thing I went in for.

As we grow older our taste in all things changes. In wines we drink, in friends we keep and in the music we find pleasurable. It wasn’t until I downloaded Girl Talk’s All Day until I started to look for this track a little harder. Again, I knew it was Aphex Twin, but nothing more than that. After doing a little research I discovered how popular he was in different music circles. He was revered by many in the Industrial Dance community, favored heavily with the ambient crowd and loved by more than I had originally thought.

“Windowlicker” was a track that I always heard in parts and never from start to finish. It had made a lot of ‘Top’ lists that seem to be put out every other week and nominated for more awards than you could count. Speaking of counting, although the song seems to not have any words (though it does)…the video, directed by Chris Cunningham, has 127 uses of profanity in the dialogue segment of the video (which is under 4 minutes), including 44 uses of the word “fuck” (Source: Wikipedia).

I think the irony of the whole situation is that this being one of Aphex Twin’s most popular tracks was never released on an album. It was released as a single. It’s an enjoyable track, not very dance-able (though some would disagree) and it always seems to remind me that things sometimes just don’t need to be taken that seriously.