Shabooh Shoobah

I have been a fan of INXS since Kick came out and haven’t dug deeper into the back catalog for no real reason. Maybe I thought that Kick was their finest hour and there wasn’t any possible way INXS could sound any better.

Shabooh Shoobah was another late-night impulse purchase. Friend, Greg, posted a YouTube link on Facebook with “Don’t Change” and the following comment:

I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day!

Curious, I listened to the track and then found the album on Amazon. Took a listen to all of the preview tracks and heard that familiar rock sound that INXS played on Kick. Took a second to debate between the Mp3 version or the CD…and then added it to my cart.

The One Thing3:25
To Look At You3:56
Spy Of Love3:59
Soul Mistake2:57
Here Comes3:00
Black And White3:40
Golden Playpen3:03
Jan's Song3:19
Old World New World3:39
Don't Change4:26