In Colour

I think Chris Evans is a shit presenter.

That seems to be the one thing that the US does better than the Brits…award shows. Fearne was nice to look at, but that was about it. Chris has a bit of work to do before he takes over the presenter’s spot over at Top Gear…but that’s another rant for another time.

I watched the awards show on the BBC iPlayer instead of live. It was nice being able to click through some of the music performances (Little Mix, One Direction, etc.) The nice thing that this year’s BBC Music Awards did, as opposed to shows produced in the US, they seemed to spend a little more time introducing the artists that were up for the award. It wasn’t a quick name mention and then cut to the person sitting in the audience or backstage. They would mention the person by name and then cut to a pre-recorded bit where the artist would talk about what music means to them or what being a British musician is like. Lended a little credibility to the show.

The award for British Artist Of The Year was between:

  • Adele
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Jamie xx
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Foals
  • Years & Years

I had heard Adele’s stuff before, same with Ed Sheeran and Florence + The Machine. Foals didn’t do anything for me and the same went for Years & Years. But Jamie xx…that was a new sound. It took me a sec, but then I made the connection between Jamie xx and The xx. They were, mostly, one in the same. The beats that were coming out of the television as they were doing their little interview bit about the award were mesmerizing. I thought it must be a trick the editors pulled out with seemingly instrumental tracks. But it wasn’t. They were legit instrumental tracks with some great beats that genuinely moved. It was the album that I thought The xx’s xx would be after hearing “Intro”.

I took the album for a test drive after work one day. Traffic was hell on Earth. People cutting in, honking, being all around dicks. Starting with the first track “Gosh” and I was taken somewhere else. A place where the traffic didn’t matter. I was just enjoying the beats and the music made me calm down a notch or two. There are a couple of tracks on the album with vocals and I thought they would detract from the overall feel of the album and they don’t. They are there if you want to listen to them exclusively and they are there in case you want the album just to play through.

I can see this being an album that you won’t be able to take a quick hit on, you’ll have to listen to 3 or more songs at a time for it to have a lasting effect.

GoshJamie xx4:51
Sleep SoundJamie xx3:53
SeeSawJamie xx (feat. Romy)4:29
ObvsJamie xx3:51
Just SayingJamie xx1:24
Stranger In A RoomJamie xx (feat. Oliver Sim)2:58
Hold TightJamie xx4:03
Loud PlacesJamie xx (feat. Romy)4:43
I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)Jamie xx (feat. Young Thug & Popcaan)3:34
The Rest Is NoiseJamie xx4:58
GirlJamie xx4:06