Whenever you go to see a concert with one of your favorite bands, most people have that small fantasy of being able to meet the band or get invited onstage to sing one of their songs. I’ve had that daydream where you run into your favorite guitarist before the show at some unassuming locale hoping they’re your friend, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.

The only reason I bought Riot! was because of this YouTube video. One night, a lucky fan was called onstage to sing “Misery Business” with the band. Try to imagine being lucky enough to be picked by your favorite band to sing one of their hit songs with them in front of thousands of screaming fans. What a rush that must be! Getting up there and belting out the lyrics that you sang in your bedroom, belted in the shower, and subjected your friends to on long car rides…

The thing about the video isn’t that the fan is a great singer or anything noticeable right away. The reason I bought Paramore’s Riot! was simply because the fan was so into singing the song that they fell on their ass while jumping around. Laying on the ground, I would turn 50 shades of red in embarrassment. And just to show how cool the band is, without missing a beat, the rest of the band walk over and lay down next to her without missing a beat. How cool is that?

For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic3:48
That's What You Get3:41
Misery Business3:32
When It Rains3:35
Let The Flames Begin3:18
We Are Broken3:38
Born For This3:59
Misery Business (Acoustic)3:14