Pump Up The Volume

I probably rented Pump Up The Volume from my local Blockbuster Video enough times to purchase my own copy…and at the time, movies were about $100 to buy for your own copy to have at home. Not sure what it was about the movie that I liked so much. Could have been Christian Slater’s cool portrayal of an introvert during the day but a vigilante on the microphone at night? An amalgam of Holden Caulfield and Lenny Bruce. Or it could have been the fact that (and this happens more than I like to admit) the soundtrack that you buy in the stores is not the complete soundtrack. Sometimes tracks are left out because they weren’t licensed or some other reason. In this case, Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” is featured prominently in the movie. In the soundtrack, Concrete Blonde covers the track. A little disappointing but an enjoyable ditty nonetheless.

At some point in my teenage years I thought that it would be a good idea to start making audio copies of movies. Just like books-on-tape was a way to enjoy a book without doing any reading, my idea was to have the audio track of a whole movie on a 90 or 120 minute blank tape. That way I would be able to get the entire soundtrack to the film (all the music as it was intended) and even get the dialogue surrounding the music. These tapes weren’t made for anything other than my own desire to see if I could do something.

After rigging up a VCR to my all-in-one stereo in my room I rented Pump Up The Volume one last time. There was always that awkward moment in dialogue at about the 45 minute mark when the tape would have to be flipped over to start recording on the other side, but it wasn’t a major pain in the ass when listening to the playback. At the time, the house we lived in had an intercom system and I took great joy in hearing every word of Christian Slater’s opening monologue:

You ever get the feeling that everything in America is completely fucked up? You know that feeling? The whole country is just one inch away from saying “That’s it! Forget it!” Think about it. Everything’s polluted…the environment, the government, the schools– you name it.

Speaking of schools…I was walking the hallowed halls the other day…and I asked myself…”Is there life after high school?”…because I can’t face tomorrow… let alone a whole year of this shit.”

Yeah, you got it, folks. It’s me again with a little attitude… for all you out here in white-bread land…all you nice people…livin’ in the middle of America the beautiful. Let’s see, we’re on 92 FM…and it feels like a nice, clean little band so far. No one else is using it and the price is right. And, yes, folks, you guessed it. Tonight, I’m as horny as a ten-peckered owl…so stay tuned because this is Hard Harry…reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork…and do your homework in the dark.

Everybody KnowsConcrete Blonde4:44
Why Can't I Fall In LoveIvan Neville4:02
Stand!Liquid Jesus4:24
Wave Of Mutilation [UK Surf]Pixies3:02
I've Got A Secret Miniature CameraPeter Murphy4:27
Kick Out The JamsBad Brains (feat. Henry Rollins)3:06
Freedom Of SpeechAbove The Law4:17
Titanium ExposeSonic Youth6:28
Me And The Devil BluesCowboy Junkies5:36
Tale O' The TwisterChagall Guevera3:22