Like a lot of the albums I buy on “Clearance” pricing, it’s generally for a track or 2 (or even 3). I figure it this way…if I am going to spend a couple of bucks on a couple of tracks, then why not spend the whole $5 and find out what the album is really like instead of just going with “the hits”.

XX was another album that fit into that category. I really liked the track “Intro” and the rest of the album previewed with similar beats and instrumentation. Not going to lie, on first listen, I thought “Intro” was great and the rest of the album sucked. This one took a really long time to grow on me. It’s a great album to get work done while it plays in the background. Not so energetic that it distracts you nor too sleepy to make your production level grind to a halt.

If you’re looking for more of the instrumental tracks like “Intro”, I recommend checking out Jamie xx’s In Colour.

1IntroThe xx2:08
2VCRThe xx2:57
3CrystalisedThe xx3:22
4IslandsThe xx2:41
5Heart Skipped A BeatThe xx4:02
6FantasyThe xx2:38
7ShelterThe xx4:30
8Basic SpaceThe xx3:08
9InfinityThe xx5:13
10Night TimeThe xx3:37
11StarsThe xx4:23