Money $hot

Doesn’t matter how you say Puscifer, there are still some of us that can’t do it with a straight face or feeling like your saying a dirty word (but you really aren’t).

“Pooh Seafair. Puh Suh Fuh. Poo Cipher. Pu See Fur. Pussy Fur.” — @fuzz_faced

First I had heard of Puscifer was during a conversation I was having with my good friend Jack at The Two Bells Bar & Grill. We were sitting at the bar and I had made an off-handed comment about Puscifer coming to the area. Being a project of Maynard James Keenan, of which we were both a fan, Jack said, “They never tour, we should go!”

And that was that. It was a great night involving some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but that’s another story for another time…

Money $hot was a surprise as it was one of the many times in a great while that Puscifer released an album. All the other times it was an EP with 4 or 5 tracks. You think you know the direction a band is going in musically and most of them can become predictable. Not every offering from Puscifer was a re-invention but more of an exploration that fit with the band’s direction at the time.

I was cruising EBay one night and noticed there were a lot of ticket sales mentioning Puscifer and did a little investigation. Luck would have it; the tickets went on sale to the general public earlier that day. Called up Jack and asked if he wanted to go, “Yeah, I am good for two tickets.”

It had been a tradition of ours that after seeing the first Puscifer show, we would try and go together when they made their annual trip to Seattle. I had pushed the show date back into the recesses of my mind until about 3 or 4 days before the show and then I started to get excited. Having seen them 2 times previous, I knew we were in for a treat.

My wife and I met up with Jack and his girlfriend Katie for some sushi before the show. I had been on a recent kick where I was starting to get obsessed with gig posters. Wanting to get at the merchandise table when the doors opened, I was almost rushing things along and then I had to stop for a second. I started this train of thought:

You haven’t seen Jack in how many months and you’re trying to rush things along? You are having a good time. Chill the fuck out. If you were meant to get the chance to buy a poster, you’ll get it. How many chances will you be able to sit down with good company and have a good meal? Just enjoy it.

I was right. I needed to chill. The meal at the sushi joint was fun no matter how quickly I thought the minutes were ticking away. I ordered way more sushi than I should or could eat and was enjoying getting to know Jack’s new girlfriend. Not every relationship is going to be the one you’ll have for the rest of your life, but the important thing is that I could see the smile on both of their faces, and that’s important.

A note on Jack…he and I became fast friends when I moved to Seattle and went out for a smoke break at our apartment building. Jack was walking his dog and we realized that we had a lot in common. Our friendship grew from there. Jack is different than a lot of the people that I run into. He is genuine and the kind of friend you can’t wait to ask you for a favor. Jack would make leaving Seattle very hard to do.

Back to the show…

We wrapped up dinner and headed to the Paramount Theatre a couple of blocks away. Getting in was no problem. Waiting in line at the merchandise table was no problem. Getting the poster I wanted was no problem. I don’t know what I was worried about. Granted, the show didn’t start for another 40 minutes, so we went up to the mezzanine and grabbed our seats. We were the only ones in the row for a while but we were able to pass the time and grill Jack’s girlfriend.

The only thing I knew about the opening act was that they were called Luchafer. Couldn’t find a damn thing about them on the internet about where they were from, what they sound like, etc. On the stage there was a wrestling ring and then I deduced that Luchafer may be a Mexican wrestling themed band. I was close…they were Mexican wrestling themed, but no band. For the first half hour or so of the show, they would wrestle lucha libre style with a loose story line threaded throughout.

At the end of the opening act, Puscifer came out and put on an amazing show. A truly amazing show. That’s one of the things about Puscifer albums that I haven’t really figured out until now. After the first listen of the album, I often react with a “meh”. It isn’t until after I hear the music played live, that it really connects with me and I am able to appreciate the album even more. Don’t know what it is about Puscifer, but they are one of the few bands that are able to do this for me.

Grand Canyon5:58
Money $hot2:32
The Arsonist4:45
The Remedy6:07
Smoke And Mirrors4:57
Life Of Brian (Apparently You Haven't Seen)4:42