Can’t remember where I saw the ad, maybe online, maybe in the paper. Not sure.

One of the benefits of living in a major city is the caliber of films that are shown at local movie festivals. You can see first run movies on the cheap, or you can see a movie that won’t be coming out for some time. The ad that I saw was for the new Disney/Pixar flick they were shopping around, Monsters University. The film wouldn’t come out for about another month or two. Wife was a big fan of the original and I knew she would want to go. I remember waiting online at midnight to get tickets when they first went on sale and when my number came up…score!

Honestly, the movie wasn’t as good as the first. Without giving too much away, the story lacked but the animation made up for it.

One of the scenes contained a fraternity-type party where some of the monsters were dancing to a thumping beat. I love a thumping beat as much as the next person. I have choreographed and danced many songs where I was agile, fluid, and all in my head. I wasn’t a fan of the score of the film, but this was one of the tracks that was released as a single with a couple of remixes. While they may not stand on their own too well, they’re not half bad to drop on a playlist once in a great while.

Roar [Style Of Eye Remix]5:19
Roar [Yogi Remix]4:21