Money $hot Your Re-load

Sometimes ordering from Amazon Prime has its perks.

As soon as I found out Puscifer was dropping a remix of their Money $hot album, I put it in my cart and checked out. Nice thing is that sometimes Amazon will offer shipping so that you get it the same day that it is released in stores. Came home today and there was a nice little package sitting in my mailbox with the latest Puscifer release ready for consumption.

First thing I noticed was that the cover art was done by Zombie Yeti. The guy that teamed up with Zoltron to do the poster for the show that I saw in Seattle. He has a distinctive style, one that has been framed and adorns the wall in my home office.

Back to the CD….on first listen it’s not bad. Some tracks are remixed in a style that takes them far away from their original but you still recognize them as Puscifer. I didn’t recognize most of the artists that were on the short list to create the remixes but it sounds like Maynard chose those he did for a reason. Cool thing is that it can open your ears to artists you may not have thought about listening to before instead of getting caught in a musical rut.

I think that after listening to this album a number of times, it will blend nicely into Puscifer’s already catholic canon.

FYI: The vinyl edition (limited to 2,000 copies) contains an extra remix of Money $hot done by Chris Schleyer.

Galileo [Lead Into Gold Mix]8:10
Agostina [Carina Round Mix]5:19
Grand Canyon [Mat Michell Mix]6:24
Simultaneous [Justin Chancellor Mix]6:07
Money $hot [Baseck Mix]4:39
The Arsonist [Xiu Xiu Mix]5:43
The Remedy [3 Kord Scissor King Mix]4:19
Smoke And Mirrors [The Beta Machine Mix]5:44
Life Of Brian [Omniflux Mix]5:06
Autumn [Polyfuse Mix]5:28
Simultaneous [Twin Limb Mix]7:37