Picture You

The music that plays at work gets piped in from a service that has run tests on what music is good to play at certain times of the day to get people to buy more. Most of the songs I can recognize within the first few seconds. Occasionally some new stuff gets peppered in.

As I was working one day an instrumental came on and I thought to myself, “Oh, there’s that Pearl Jam song again. Nice.”

I went home and dug through the Pearl Jam catalog trying to find the song by ear. No luck.

Time passed until I heard the song again and I was able to grab the audio and feed it to Google. Lo and behold, the instrumental is by a Swedish group called The Amazing called “Picture You”. It’s actually the second half of the song a la “Layla” from Derek & The Dominoes.

The track is catchy enough and the album is more of the same and some a little different. It’s the kind of album you put on if you don’t want to actively listen to something but tune in every once in a while for something enjoyable.

Picture You9:27
Safe Island8:33
To Keep It Going5:39
Tell Them You Can't Leave4:05
The Headless Boy3:58
Captured Light8:08
Winter Dress5:28