Screaming Bloody Murder

I have to admit, this album took me completely by surprise.

I was a fan of Sum 41 and remember driving around in my Chevy S-10 Blazer blasting “Fat Lip” from All Killer, No Filler. Now that I look it up and see that the album was released in 2001, it may have been a different car, but I digress. For the sake of this tale, I’ll imagine as if it happened in “The Pregnant Roller Skate”.

It wasn’t the first time that a rap / rock fusion had made it to the top of the charts but there was something about a group of young Canadians invading our MTV sets with a fusion of Blink-182, Beastie Boys and Iron Maiden. It was a fresh waft of stale air to say the least.

All Killer, No Filler was in heavy rotation in my car during the summer of 2001. It was fast, it was loud and it was only 33 minutes long. I can even remember buying more than one copy because I would take the disc out, throw it on the passenger side, and it would eventually fall to the floor and get scratched. Still a great CD to this day that you can listen to from start to finish without skipping any tracks.

Same goes for Screaming Bloody Murder.

I think I was hopping around Amazon one day and I saw that Sum 41 was releasing a new album. I knew they were kinda still making music and had kinda followed Deryck Whibley’s battle with alcohol. After listening to the previews online, I had wondered if the band had a more mature sound now that they were older. Now that I was older.

I heard that familiar Sum 41 sound in Screaming Bloody Murder. The thrashing guitars and bouncing vocals. I excitedly ripped the disc into iTunes and gave it a spin. If I am being honest, it didn’t grab my right away like All Killer, No Filler. It was a slow burn. There were some standouts like “Sick Of Everyone” and “Holy Image Of Lies” that took me back to the Sum 41 sound I was used to. But there was something special about the new Sum 41 sound…it was more polished and mature…and yet it sounded like I was still rolling around New Jersey in my Pregnant Roller Skate.

Reason To Believe3:28
Screaming Bloody Murder3:25
Time For You To Go3:02
Jessica Kill2:50
What Am I To Say4:12
Holy Image Of Lies3:47
Sick Of Everyone3:05
Happiness Machine4:48
Blood In My Eyes4:17
Baby You Don't Wanna Know3:35
Back Where I Belong3:42
Exit Song1:42