Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

I’ve never seen Fatboy Slim live, in person. I’ve seen him perform at Glastonbury online and I think that what I see on my little monitor pales in comparison to the energy of actually being there. I imagine that if Fatboy Slim wasn’t doing what he does now, he’d be an aerobics class instructor or a leader that was charged with mixing his audience up into a frothy mixture of jubilation and sweat.

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat is a banger. It starts out with a typical Big Beat beat and morphs into a whomp whomp that regardless of what you’re doing or what shape you’re in just stop everything…and dance your ass off.

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat [Calvin Harris Radio Edit]Fatboy Slim (feat. Beardyman)2:48
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat [Calvin Harris Remix]Fatboy Slim (feat. Beardyman)4:45