In college, when Columbia Record Club was still a thing, many of us would get together and choose 15 CDs for a penny and then promise the other people in the group that we’d toss in a couple bucks to purchase the overpriced 1 CD at full price within the required time frame. At least that’s what some of us did. Others would go that road alone and think nothing of coming up with the $18.99 (+ shipping & handling) to fulfill their deal with the devil. Back to Freshman year, I had made friends with a nursing student from Maine during orientation. She thought I was the meanest looking guy in the class and I thought that if I started Freshman year, by Senior year we would be a “thing”.

Poor, college, and student are 3 words that go hand in hand. Buying college textbooks for the first time, many of us miscalculated how much that first semester of school was actually going to cost. Paying $200 for a book that you would sell back to the college bookstore for $20 was the way of life. We were delusional in thinking that we could belong to the Columbia Record Club and afford to go to college at the same time.

One day I was walking from my dorm to the campus center for dinner when Deana came out of the post office with a package in her hand from the Columbia Record Club. Must have been a hard day as this was the thing that put her into a tailspin.

“I can’t afford this, I thought I cancelled my subscription!” she gasped.

“What did they send?” I asked.

“This.” And with that, she tossed the shiny black CD case into my hand for me to look at. I had heard of Soundgarden. They weren’t huge yet, but getting quite the airplay on MTV. I thought this was my chance to make my move and solidify my place in her life. I would be the hero, her knight in shining armor.

“Why don’t I buy it off of you? I get some new music and you can cancel your subscription,” I offered.

“You’d do that?”

I confirmed, “Yeah, sure, why not?” And with that, I had a new CD in my hands and some lipstick on my cheek.

Let Me Drown3:52
My Wave5:12
Fell On Black Days4:43
Head Down6:09
Black Hole Sun5:18
Limo Wreck5:47
The Day I Tried To Live5:20
Fresh Tendrils4:16
4th Of July5:08
Like Suicide7:02