The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

The Earth is not a cold dead place because you are breathing, because you are listening.

Admittedly, I heard about the band long before I heard their music. Everyone seemed to be talking about them in the way that Arcade Fire was popular with everyone else before the general public caught on. I was sitting in my apartment on a Saturday morning looking for some new music to buy.

I happened to be surfing Reddit and the song “First Breath After Coma” was a topic of discussion in a thread posted from someone looking to make a playlist of music for his mother to listen to while she went through chemo. Touching to say the least.

This wasn’t the first time Reddit was having a circle jerk over the song. Whenever a thread of “What’s the best song…”, etc. popped up…it would always be mentioned.

Curious, I found the album The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place and downloaded it.

I was paying bills and listening to the album at the same time through my Sony MDR V-700 headphones. At one point I just stopped what I was doing and listened…and listened some more…and the next thing I knew I hadn’t accomplished much in the hour I had set aside. I was mesmerized.

How had I not heard of this band before? The music was stirring something inside of me that I hadn’t felt in a while. I was genuinely excited at the thought of discovering new music and saddened that the album only contained 5 tracks. Granted, each one like a mini movement in a well-composed symphony. For some time, I would listen exclusively to the entire Explosions In The Sky catalog almost to the point that I wouldn’t listen to anything else.

I had tickets to see Nine Inch Nails and I randomly looked at the tickets one day and then it clicked…don’t know why it hadn’t before…the supporting act for NIN was none other than Explosions In The Sky! What luck? I must have bought the tickets before I started listening to Explosions In The Sky.

The night of the show, I wasn’t sure who I was more excited to see…Explosions In The Sky or Nine Inch Nails…or maybe it was the fact that both bands were on the same bill.

In short, both bands were amazing. I was immersed in the Explosions set. I had previously laughed at people that said when they saw bands they thought they were the only ones there. I get it now.

There was no one around me. Just me and the music. Maybe the band was there, couldn’t tell you for certain. Every once in a while when you hear a moving piece of music, you well up a little or maybe let a single tear fall. Not this time, I will admit that I didn’t openly bawl my eyes out but there were a couple of times I felt the hot tears flow down my cheeks…and I couldn’t have been happier that night if I tried.

First Breath After Coma9:34
The Only Moment We Were Alone10:14
Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean8:43
Your Hand In Mine8:17