The Great British Bake Off Tom Howe

One of the best things about The Great British Bake Off is, even though it’s a competition, there’s no manufactured drama. Contestants are genuinely “chuffed” and “over the moon” with the success of others. It really is what it says it is…a show where you watch people bake. That’s it!

Hearing the first couple bars of the theme to The Great British Bake Off, you are immediately transported to the big, white tent with the gingham altar in the English countryside. It’s a short soundtrack, running under 30 minutes total, but each track takes you back to when you heard it on the show.

Recently, I was walking downtown and The Great British Bake Off soundtrack shuffled on my iPod and I didn’t feel like I was back at the big, white tent…I thought I was in a spy film like Jason Bourne or James Bond, even. It’s pretty genius how Tom Howe can make you think that your either watching your dough prove or evading snipers with the same music.

1.Bakewell CountingTom Howe1:31
2.Countryside AirTom Howe1:08
3.Early BakeTom Howe1:08
4.Final DestinationTom Howe1:14
5.Fresh IngredientsTom Howe1:35
6.Get BakingTom Howe1:11
7.Happy PizzaTom Howe1:28
8.Home BakerTom Howe1:24
9.MasterclassTom Howe2:09
10.Organic MixTom Howe1:16
11.Patisserie SkillsTom Howe0:57
12.Racing BakingTom Howe1:46
13.Signature CakesTom Howe1:28
14.SparkleTom Howe1:16
15.Tea PartyTom Howe2:02
16.The Great British Bake OffTom Howe0:36
17.Ultimate BakingTom Howe1:25
18.Win Some Lose SomeTom Howe1:34