Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

You never want to be the one left holding the bag, particularly when it comes to concert tickets. Believe it, or not, concerts used to be pretty inexpensive. I remember paying $40 to see Faith No More open for Metallica & Guns ‘N’ Roses…but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Whenever a big show comes to town and everyone and their brother wants to buy tickets, checking with your friends to see who’s interested can be a bit of a minefield. Without explicit communication on who’s willing to pay what for the tickets can lead to confusion and frustration. Now that tickets are an online transaction, you can see the prices in advance and decide what seats you can afford / go for. But still in the back of your mind is the chance that one of your friends could bail at anytime (even the day of the show) and leave you with that extra ticket that you may be able to sell in the venue parking lot.

That’s the one thing I hated about wanting to go to shows, being the one to buy the tickets. Now, I have a core group that I go with and we each take turns picking up the tickets. Usually paying the other before-hand or right after the tickets are bought.

Nine Inch Nails were touring with Soundgarden and making a stop in the Pacific NorthWest. Whenever NIN are in town, I try to go and see them…always a great show, always a great time. Soundgarden, at the time, I could take them or leave them. On this particular show, I had invited Jack along with some mutual friends, Xandra & Josh.

Jack had paid for his tickets prior and Josh & Xandra were going to be giving me cash day of the show. They even offered to drive to the amphitheater. Had they shown up and not had the cash for the tickets, was I going to do something? No, I wouldn’t think so. It would be an expensive lesson to learn but cheaper than losing a friendship.

Day of the show arrives and Josh & Xandra roll up in a Lincoln-sedan-type-car. Maroon if I remember right. I don’t mention anything about the tickets, maybe wait until after we park and walk up to the gates. The ride down was smooth, uneventful. Traffic only got busy on the side roads getting to the amphitheater. After paying the exorbitant parking costs, we headed into the show. Josh dropped some cash in my hand without being prompted, even refusing to take anything for gas.

The show was one of the better I have seen at this particular venue. We were under the overhang and a ways away from the lawn section. Great view. Soundgarden opened up and NIN played a long set as well. There wasn’t any collaboration, between Chris Cornell and Trent Reznor (that I remember, maybe there was). In the end, well worth the price of tickets.

After the show, we returned to the car, and braced for the ride home. One of the things I loathe the most is getting out of a parking lot after a show or baseball game. Tired from having a good evening, we sat in the back of the Lincoln when Xandra pulled a cooler out from underneath the front seat.

She offers, “Hummus, carrot sticks, celery, water, soda?”.

What? I’ve been going to shows for years and never thought of this…post-show snackage. Genius!

I grabbed a water and this being Josh’s car, he was driving and therefore, controlled the music. Josh & Xandra have an eclectic taste in music. I was thinking after seeing Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden Josh would throw on some industrial band or maybe some grunge.

Nope. It was The Dandy Warhols. A band whose CD I saw at the college Radio Station and just passed over it.

Do you remember when you were young and would spend a day at the beach? At the end of the day you would doze in the back of the car from running around and getting too much sun? That’s what the car ride home was for me. I had that warm feeling on my face and the other two in the back seat were fast asleep. Josh & Xandra took care of the driving while I cracked the window to get some fresh air with my eyes closed.

As The Dandy Warhols played, I was drifting in and out of varying levels of awake. I was enjoying the music, but not really paying attention.

I picked up Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia, not because I liked the band or the music particularly. I picked it up because I wanted to be able to revisit the memory of the time my friends and I went to a concert and I wasn’t left holding the bag.

4.Country Leaver3:23
6.Horse Pills3:25
7.Get Off3:11
9.Cool Scene4:08
10.Bohemian Like You3:32
12.Big Indian3:35
13.The Gospel5:36