Live At Sweet Briar College 4.14.96

They say that you should never meet your heroes. Maybe it’s because people think you’ll be disappointed finding out that they are not the demigod that you’ve made them out to be in your head or they turn out to be complete dicks.

It was a quiet day at work and Amy came up to me in a hushed tone and asked, “Is that Dave Matthews over there? It looks like him. If it’s not him, then it’s someone that could be his twin.”

Curious. I walked over and greeted him, asking him if he needed any help with anything. He declined and moved on to a different area.

It was him. Without a doubt. Looked like Dave and sounded like Dave. It was Dave.

About an hour passes and I see that he’s waiting in line at the checkout ready to get the rest of his day underway. All of our registers have customers at them and the line doesn’t seem to be moving. Dave’s next in line so I jump on a register and say “Next customer!” knowing that I was about to have some one-on-one time with Dave Matthews. Someone that I have enjoyed listening to since¬†Under The Table And Dreaming was released.

Millions of thoughts go through my head…what am I going to say to him? Do I let him know that I know who he is? Do I not say anything and play it cool? Do I ask him about the new tour/album? Do I tell a story about how much his music meant to me? What do I do?

I do nothing. Nothing other than break the ice with, “What adventure are you going on with all this gear?”

“Heading to South Africa in a couple of days.”


He’s got a lot of items in his bag to get rung up. I am trying to balance the efficiency of checking him out while trying to extend the time to check him out. He’s a man of few words, cracking small jokes when I question him about his purchases. He’s picking up everything for his trip from underwear to socks and new shirt / pant combos.

I give him the total and he swipes his card. On the screen it says “David J. Matthews”. He signs the slip, and starts to head out. I thank him for coming in and tell him to have a safe trip.

So yeah, nothing special. No gushing. No being a total fanboy and gushing about how much I wish we had a bromance. Nothing special. I’d like to think that he’s the kind of guy that would get a lot of the fan treatment and that sometimes he wants to just be a regular guy that goes into a store to pick up some gear for an upcoming trip without fanfare. I’d like to think that he walked out the store thinking, “That was a cool experience.” Because I know I did.

Live At Sweet Briar College is a great live album from Dave Matthews. It’s just him and his acoustic guitar shortly before the band released Crash. He’s relaxed, he’s funny, he tells stories and plays cuts that are normally done with the full band backing him.

1.One Sweet World4:34
2.Crash Into Me4:54
3.Little Thing5:33
4.Dancing Nancies6:01
7.Typical Situation6:13
8.Jimi Thing6:59
9.Two Step5:01
10.Best of What's Around3:20
11.Song That Jane Likes3:26
12.Say Goodbye5:59
13.Blue Water3:31
14.What Would You Say3:59
15.Pay For What You Get4:31
16.Lie In Our Graves6:06
19.Angel From Montgomery4:18
20.Seek Up7:17
21.I'll Back You Up3:41
24.Tripping Billies5:18
25.So Much To Say3:55
26.Ants Marching6:09
27.All Along The Watchtower4:21