Murder The Mountains

Jason was a tall, lanky guy. Stood about 6′ 3″ with a coif of blonde hair looking like a stunt double for Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age. I worked with him at the store making old-timey baseball jerseys. Before he came along I was the one that chose the music for the front of store and I shuffled many playlist from my large library. It wasn’t until he came along that I heard bands that I never knew existed and some that existed no more. Now that we shared a space, he was the one that would choose the music.

He’d often shout over, “Hey, have you heard of [insert band here]?”

More often than not, I hadn’t. He had an extensive knowledge of known (and relatively unknown) bands in the Pacific Northwest. One day Jason told me to come and watch a video on YouTube (his music source of choice).

“Come over here and watch this,” he barked above the din of the cutting machine.

He cued up Red Fang’s “Wires” and gave me the premise of the video…give a band $5K and let them make a music video. Many routes could be taken in the direction of the video. It could be literal, a “live” performance, something surreal or they could do what they wanted to do…buy a crap car, prepare it for Thunderdome and drive it through whole bunch of shit. Like:

  • A pyramid of filled champagne flutes
  • Gallons of milk
  • Produce with a guaranteed splatter effect
  • A tower of Pabst Blue Ribbon (not before stopping and paying the proper respects)

As the video goes on, you can tell the guys are genuinely having a blast as the tally for the video budget slowly dwindles at the bottom of the screen. Red Fang does a lot of the things you wanted to do the weekend after you got your driver’s license in about 5 minutes and for a lot cheaper that you could do it.

3.Hank Is Dead2:36
4.Dirt Wizard2:58
5.Throw Up6:33
6.Painted Parade2:28
7.Number Thirteen4:45
8.Into The Eye3:59
9.The Undertow5:02
10.Human Herd3:52