For a while, binging on My Mad, Fat Diary, was a great fix for late 90s BritPop music. The Stone Roses, Suede, Oasis, Blur, etc. I was heading downtown on a sunny, Summer day. Weather was really pleasant, not too hot, not too cool. Hard not to be put in a good mood.

The iPod was on shuffle and the mix was random enough. Not too much of any particular genre playing in a row. I got off the bus and made my way up from the underground tunnel to a relatively quiet scene. People walking their dogs, heading back to the office after lunch to try and make it to 5 o’clock. Then “Moving” from Supergrass came on.

I wasn’t paying much attention to it at first. Kinda put it in the back of my head as I made my way to Starbucks for a quick lunch before my appointment at the barber. The song started out peaceful and in a weird way matched what the weather was doing. Then about a minute in, it kicks off…and it caught me off guard to the point I was bobbing my head without noticing. I realized this song needed a couple more listens. And listen I did. To that pure BritPop sound.

It must have been about 5 times in a row before I let the iPod get back to it’s regular shuffle. Through the rest of the day, the melody and lyrics kept creeping back into my head and I couldn’t figure out why. Nothing can explain the feeling when you find a new song or band and you want to make it part of you. The closest I can describe it would be that first couple of weeks when you are dating a new partner. You don’t know what to expect in the future, but right now it’s fun, there are no expectations from either side. The band that you picked up on today could turn out to be a one night stand or a partner in your music library for life.

Turns out “Moving” was on one of the many UK Import compilations I’ve collected over the years. Didn’t have any of their tracks anywhere else, that was the only one I had. I picked up I Should Coco In It For The Money online that night and started giving a listen. I really liked what I was hearing until I had listened to each album a couple of times through until I realized I have a problem.

The problem I have been having lately is that I find myself almost hoarding music. I know it sounds weird, it’s almost as if I want to have it all, or at least listen to it all. And I have come to the realization that will never happen. Not even a chance of it. I’ve been buying compilations and albums that interest me or at least I think they do. I’ll listen to it and get to the next one. Almost like a drug addict looking for their next fix, not enjoying the high they are in at the moment.  Not to get too existential, we aren’t guaranteed how much time we have on this “3rd rock from the sun”. Our time could be up tomorrow and we won’t know it until it happens.

I need to slow down on collecting music but I don’t know how…and I am unsure if I want to.

2.Your Love3:27
3.What Went Wrong4:06
4.Beautiful People3:22
5.Shotover Hill3:43
8.Jesus Came From Outer Space4:10
9.Pumping On Your Stereo3:20
10.Born Again3:39
11.Far Away5:05
12.Mama & Papa2:33