Stone Cold Rhymin’

One of the most boring things you can do as a kid is go out for dinner with your parents to a fancy restaurant when all you want to do is play video games and eat chicken nuggets on the sofa. A fate worse than that would be if your parents dragged you out to dinner to meet up with some of their friends.

Tony and Lynn were friends of the family. Tony worked with my Dad and Lynn was a hairdresser that would cut my mother’s hair and had a secret desire to do makeup on corpses. They also had a kid, Anthony, that was around the same age as my sister and I.

It wouldn’t be unheard for all of us to go out to dinner a couple of times a month…and it was generally to the same Italian restaurant or another one of the other facsimiles in “The ‘Burg”. These nights out would start around 6:00 and keep going until about midnight. Sometimes it would go longer, other times it would be an early night, but it seemed that sometime during the 11:00 hour was when they thought we would all turn into pumpkins.

After the baskets bread had been devoured, the carbs inhaled from the vodka rigatoni and the bottle of Sambuca would take up residence in the middle of the table, the kids would beg and plead for a diversion. That’s when we would go into my mom’s gold Aerostar mini-van and do karaoke.

It was no more karaoke as it was 3 kids screaming lyrics to songs they didn’t fully understand until the windows were fogged up and the voices were hoarse. The music selection would rotate between rock anthems like “The FInal Countdown” to classic hits by Queen.

As we entered the teenage years, our musical tastes were starting to change and Anthony brought his Young MC CD to our karaoke session. I had seen “Principal’s Office” and “Bust A Move” on MTV. We had sung our fill of both tracks when Anthony said, “You have to hear this one, it’s awesome.”

He cued up “Fastest Rhyme” and launched into it as if he had been practicing all week. Wasn’t so impressed by Anthony’s spitting as I was hearing Young MC rap so fast.

1.I Come OffYoung MC (feat. N'Dea Davenport)4:06
2.Principal's OfficeYoung MC4:15
3.Bust A MoveYoung MC4:24
4.Non StopYoung MC3:27
5.Fastest RhymeYoung MC0:49
6.My Name Is YoungYoung MC4:52
7.Know HowYoung MC4:01
8.Roll With The PunchesYoung MC4:31
9.I Let 'Em KnowYoung MC5:00
10.Pick Up The PaceYoung MC3:18
11.Got More RhymesYoung MC4:51
12.Stone Cold Buggin'Young MC1:41
13.Just Say NoYoung MC2:55