The Fat Of The Land

This album came at a time when the charts and airwaves were bombarded with the likes of Oasis, Blur, and other Britpop artists. Not that I am complaining. Some of those bands would put out music that still gets played in heavy rotation today. Everyone seems to remember where they were the first time they heard “Firestarter”. Honestly, I don’t.

What I do remember is that I heard it often and loud from an album that sounded familiar but very different.

I think that albums come into your life for different reasons. I haven’t exactly figured out why on The Fat Of The Land just yet, but I am sure I will at some point.

Rest In Peace Keith.

1.Smack My Bitch UpThe Prodigy5:43
2.BreatheThe Prodigy5:35
3.Diesel PowerThe Prodigy (feat. Kool Keith)4:18
4.Funky ShitThe Prodigy5:16
5.Serial ThrillaThe Prodigy5:11
6.MindfieldsThe Prodigy5:40
7.NarayanThe Prodigy (feat. Crispian Mills)9:06
8.FirestarterThe Prodigy4:40
9.ClimbatizeThe Prodigy6:38
10.Fuel My FireThe Prodigy4:19