I stopped into the Salvation Army after dropping of some stuff to donate. Didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the day so I settled into a scouting missing in the CD section. It was “Half Off Everything Wednesday” so it was busy with others looking for bargains, but the CD section is usually quiet.

I think I picked up about 10 discs for 8 bucks. A wide selection, including the latest from Rick Astley (which I paid for and forgot at the store). Also in the pile was EMF’s “Unbelievable”. I thought it was a good deal at 50% off 1$. It was, kinda.

In my haste to move on to the next I forgot to check my brain. “Unbelievable” was on Shubert Dip, *head desk* I happened to pick up the single. So, now I have the single version and about 5 remixes of the same.

Oh, well.

1.Unbelievable [Single Version]3:31
2.Unbelievable [Cin City Sex Mix]5:16
3.Unbelievable [Boot Lane Mix]6:31
4.Unbelievable [House Mix]4:26
5.Unbelievable [Hip Hop Mix]4:15
6.EMF [Live]3:54