Open Your Heart

I can only remember doing this one other time in my life and it was at Newbury Comics in Framingham and the CD was Morrissey’s Greatest Hits.

Wife and I had just finished dinner at The Lost Lake Cafe and headed over to Everyday Music to let the Happy Hour Cheeseburger & Fries settle down. I had a list of CDs in my head that I was going to pick up if they were used and priced on the cheaper side…I do love a good bargain. On the list were albums from The Verve, Ian Brown, and Black Sheep.

I found The Verve easily enough and had some time finding Ian Brown and the instrumental version of A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing. Struck out on both of those, however…I was able to get my hands on Dr. Octagon’s Instrumentalyst album. Something I’ve been looking for some time but have never been able to lay hands on. #grail

All the while, the staff were getting ready for Record Store Day the next day. Music was playing and there was something about it that I liked. It was not an album or band that I was familiar with, but, I wanted to hear more. I took my purchases up to the counter and asked, “Who are we listening to right now?”

The young pixie cut behind the register said, “The Men. We don’t have it on vinyl, we can’t get it in. But we do have a copy on CD here.”

I wasn’t looking for the vinyl, don’t have a record player. “Cool, I’ll take it.”

“Cool, let me price it first.”

Turns out it was a newer release and priced at $15. OK. I’ll take a gamble. The weekend is coming up and I was feeling good. I didn’t know anything about what I was going to be listening to. All I had was what I heard in the store. What did the rest of the album sound like?

And that was the thought that kept me going for the rest of the ride home. I didn’t put the CD in the car to listen to on the way home. I wanted to be surprised when I sat down to listen to it all in one go. From start to finish.

It’s a good album. I have never heard of The Men before, or this album, either. There are the classic punk stylings on the album and only what I can describe as a punk jam session where the song lengths crest the 5-minute mark.

All in all, I took a risk and I think it payed off, Looking forward to giving this one a few more spins.

1.Turn It Around3:56
3.Country Song5:48
5.Please Don't Go Away3:00
6.Open Your Heart3:41