Being a member of the Columbia House Record Club was like having a birthday every month and someone would send you a gift but you didn’t know what it was or if you were going to like it at all. Sometimes they would hit the nail on the head, other times not so much. You would be excited to get that small, square cardboard box in the mail and when you opened it, you could be sure your emotions were heading in one direction or another. The cost of shipping on those things was ridiculous. Sometimes you ended up keeping the album because it was too expensive to send back or you wasted your time hemming and hawing on buying the album before the deadline to send it back came around. It’s probably how about half my collection came to be from my own laziness and that’s how White Lion landed in there.

Not sure on why I started doing this but occasionally I would make mixtapes for my Dad. Maybe it was a way that I was trying to connect with him or maybe it was a chance for him to connect with me and what I was listening to. The funny thing is you never think your parents are cool or that they’ll like the music that you do.

I remember after handing him one of my mixtapes thinking it was a masterpiece and every song on there was a winner. Dad calls me up a few days later and asks, “What was that song that you put on the mixtape for me that sounds like *hums a melody*? It’s acoustic.”

Proud, I beamed back, “‘Silent Lucidity’ by Queensrÿche.”

“No, That wasn’t it. It had lyrics about children crying.”

“Oh, ‘When The Children Cry’ by White Lion.” I figured out.

“Yes, that was it. Thanks.” And that, in fact was it. Dad didn’t mention it again for a while.

At this point in our lives, we were still church-going folk with Dad being an active member of the choir / parish players. He would spend time in the basement and play with his little 4-track recording studio making acoustic versions of hymns on cassette tapes to send to Uncle Michael The Priest in Liverpool because they didn’t have a choir in their congregation.

It wasn’t until I was fooling around in the basement and walked into Dad’s little studio to find the sheet music for “When The Children Cry” sitting on his desk. Turns out he liked the song enough to go out and buy the sheet music and record his version on tape for others to hear. Yes, Liverpool was half a world away but it was kinda cool thinking that maybe I had a little something to do with it.

2.Lonely Nights4:11
3.Don't Give Up3:15
4.Sweet Little Loving4:02
5.Lady Of The Valley6:36
7.All You Need Is Rock & Roll5:14
8.Tell Me4:29
9.All Join Our Hands4:12
10.When The Children Cry4:19