Always Be My Maybe

Can’t remember where I caught the trailer for Always Be My Maybe, but it was funny. Genuinely funny. It seemed like a fresh take on the romantic comedy, which wasn’t appealing at first but then the jokes came and ultimately…Keanu Reeves.

Fired it up on Netflix the night it came out and wondered if they fell into the trap that most trailers do, they show all the funny parts and leave nothing for the film itself. This was not the case with Always Be My Maybe. There were some lines in the film that are laugh-out-loud funny that were left out of the trailer.

A lot of movies that have the main character as a struggling musician rarely have good music to go on the soundtrack. This one surprised me too. The music is catchy and though it won’t be topping any charts anytime soon, it will be nice to hear every once in a while when shuffling through my playlists.

2.I Punched Keanu Reeves2:57
3.Tennis Ball3:11