Live In London

Whenever Zeal & Ardor comes to town, I always look for the opportunity to catch them. Doesn’t matter the size of the venue, every show that I have seen of theirs has been nothing short of a ritual. Come to think of it, they are so consistent that I can’t think of anytime that I thought they were having an “off-night”.

I was able to catch Zeal & Ardor opening up for Baroness & Deafheaven 3 days before this album was released. Though it was a shorter set, Live In London perfectly captures the intensity and energy of an amazing performance.

I’ve put Zeal & Ardor on the short list of bands that regardless of what they put out I will purchase it.

1.Sacrilegium I2:11
2.In Ashes3:44
4.Come On Down3:28
5.Blood In The River3:48
6.Row Row3:36
7.You Ain't Coming Back3:29
8.We Never Fall3:59
10.Fire Of Motion2:40
11.Hold Your Head Low4:56
12.Ship On Fire4:13
13.Stranger Fruit3:43
14.Cut Me2:59
16.Gravedigger's Chant3:27
17.Children's Summon3:16
18.Built On Ashes4:36
19.We Can't Be Found / Sacrilegium III5:23
20.Don't You Dare4:13
21.Devil Is Fine3:53