Whenever you come across this album on the internet it always comes across as being critically acclaimed. Personally, I don’t hear it.

Stumbled across this one when I was working at the college radio station. We had walls covered in plastic CD racks. We got so many CDs that it was tough to go through them all and know what was on them. We didn’t have automation or pre-programmed playlists like they do today, nope, it was “play what you want as long as it is the edited version.”

Being a big fan of Metallica, I thought the artwork on the CD cover looked familiar and then I noticed the familiar “Pushead” in the lower left of the album. Unsure of what it would sound like, I popped into the production studio and hit play. At first I didn’t realize it was the instrumental counterpart to Dr. Octagonecologyst, but the instrumentals started to grown on me. I was putting on a dance show at the college and used “Moosebumps” as part of an interlude during the show.

In time, I took a listen to Dr. Octagonecologyst to hear what everyone was talking about… an extraterrestrial, time traveling gynecologist and surgeon from the planet Jupiter. Personally, I still don’t hear it.

3.Earth People4:49
4.Real Raw5:35
5.No Awareness4:45
6.Blue Flowers3:16
7.Technical Difficulties2:58
8.A Visit To The Gynecologist3:38
9.Bear Witness [Extended Version]6:45
10.Dr. Octagon4:36
11.Girl Let Me Touch You4:21
12.I'm Destructive3:17
13.Tricknology 1014:58
14.Wild And Crazy4:32
15.Blue Flowers Revisited4:38
16.Waiting List5:32
17.On Production3:02