Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic

I was trying to whittle down and fine tune some last minute playlists before heading out on vacation. Much to my surprise Ghost had released Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic the day before I was set to leave.

Ghost quickly became one of my favorite bands in the last year. Having been turned on to them by Meliora (a classic in its own right), the mystery surrounding who the band was between the Nameless Ghouls and ever-changing frontmen tickled me internally. Thinking it was a gimmick at first, the more you listen to Ghost, you realize that the band is really quite good. Able to navigate through different styles of rock and metal music while performing great original songs and even throwing in impressive covers of 80s tunes from the likes of the Pet Shop Boys and Eurythmics.

This single / EP / whatever was the silver lining to the dark cloud that I would miss Ghost on their next tour stop a week later as I would be away on vacation and wouldn’t be able to make it back in time. A nice little amuse-bouche while I wait for the next album to drop.

1.Kiss The Go-Goat3:16
2.Mary On A Cross4:05