Peter Gabriel 1: Car

I was cruising around one of my favorite used CD stores, Silver Platters, looking for something to waste my money on. When surfing online looking for albums I can’t justify paying $5 for a digital download of an album. However, I will gladly shell over a couple of extra bucks to get that same album on physical media. I think I had found what I was going to buy that day and was just looking to kill time.

Walking past the “G” section, I noticed there was a lot of Peter Gabriel reasonably priced. At the time I was making a playlist that included “Solsbury Hill” but the MP3 version I had was recorded at such a low fidelity that it really took away from the playlist experience. So I looked through and found the Peter Gabriel album with the car on it and took a look at the tracks. None that I could recognize off the bat with the exception of “Solsbury Hill”.

The price was right so I picked it up and ripped it when I got home. Now I just need to listen to the rest of the album…

1.Moribund The Burgermeister4:18
2.Solsbury Hill4:21
3.Modern Love3:38
4.Excuse Me3:20
7.Waiting For The Big One7:14
8.Down The Dolce Vita4:42
9.Here Comes The Flood5:56