This Is Not A Safe Place

I discovered Ride long after they had their big hit with “Vapour Trail”. I think I was reading an article about the best Britpop bands or something along the lines of influential albums. I can’t remember. First album I picked up was Nowhere (because that’s what the article was about). Come to think of it, the article may have been titled something to the effect of “the best albums you’ve never listened to…”

The sound of Nowhere is a real introduction to the Shoegaze movement of the early 90s. Not really my cup of tea (at the time) but i kept listening to it and listening to it. After a while I understood why I was listening to the album. Not every song on every album is a hit. You are not going to like every song on an album, even if it is one by your favorite band that you’ve been listening to since high school.

On to This Is Not A Safe Place…I was surfing my favorite, local record store online at about 3 in the morning when I saw that Ride was releasing a new album and it was coming up quickly. I was able to schedule another appointment so that I could make a trip to Silver Platters on the way home. When I arrived at the CD store I went to the New Releases fixture and grabbed it without thinking twice. There was the nominal couple of bucks off for it being a new release but nothing more than that. I had spent enough of my time and money on the bargain bin CDs that I longed for in my youth that I thought I would splurge and get myself something fresh and unknown to my ears.

2.Future Love3:39
4.Kill Switch2:46
5.Clouds Of Saint Marie3:53
6.Eternal Recurrence5:49
7.Fifteen Minutes3:13
8.Jump Jet5:09
9.Dial Up3:38
10.End Game3:38
11.Shadows Behind The Sun4:00
12.In This Room8:42