Think of a movie you saw recently. Now, imagine that movie without a soundtrack. As in life, listening to your MP3 or CD player (RIP Walkman), you go about your daily business. Music effects you in different ways at different times. You attach certain songs to certain memories, good or bad, and relive those splices of your life almost every time you hear that music. A connection rather than a sterile environment. Because that’s what music is…it’s a series of connections.

So why did I create this site? Good question. I’m not a qualified critic. I can offer you what I think of a certain song or artist, but is it to be taken as gospel? No. I am not Lester Bangs…nor do I claim to be. I have amassed many albums from different genres from my exploits of living on both the East and West coasts of the US. I wanted to use this site as a way to get in touch with the reasons I bought the album in the first place and possibly get into some of the connections that I have made through them. Or simply, what I thought of the album after giving it a listen or two.

My earliest memories of listening to music were from my parents’ collection. Many times my Dad would make a mix-tape of songs for my Mom and we would listen to that ad nauseam in our silver station wagon as we drove around Texas. To this day, I still associate certain smells and images with Boney M’s “Rivers of Babylon/Brown Girl in the Ring”…but that’s what music does.

It makes the time go by faster as you play the role of cubicle jockey in your 9 to 5 persona. Music helps us cope, it helps us emote, it says what we want to say when we can’t say anything…and at other times it makes us dance, sing, share moments with people, and connects us in ways that we may not have thought possible.