In the comments section of the track information I’ll put the term “#cover”. Also, in the composer’s field, I will put the original artist or group that made the track famous. You may run into a hard one like “Along The Watchtower”…covered by many, made famous by Jimi Hendrix, written by Bob Dylan. Your call on what you want to do with that one.


For when you are in the mood for music without lyrics. This playlist contains only tracks that have the term “#instrumental” in the comments section. Classical music doesn’t count and neither do Film nor Video Game scores. This is purely for music that is meant to be instrumental like The Beastie Boys album The In Sound From Way Out or Nine Inch Nails’ “Help Me, I Am In Hell” from Broken.


I have also called this one “Hello, Cleveland!” in the past, but that seems a bit presumptive. In the comments field I have “#live”. It’s easy to do for entire live albums, but it’s also good for EPs and singles that have live versions of the single tracks.


Often referred to the “Playing With The Faders” playlist, this one’s not as simple as the other ones that just have a hashtag in the comments section. This one is comprised of songs where “Name contains [“. It requires a little more manicuring of your music library. Essentially, you have to change all the tracks like Madonna’s “Express Yourself” (Shep’s ‘Spressin’ Himself Re-Remix) to “Express Yourself” [Shep’s ‘Spressin’ Himself Re-Remix].


In the comments field on this playlist is the tag “#unplugged”. This is for tracks that are originally recorded and released with solid guitars and instruments in the studio like Stone Temple Pilots acoustic version of “Plush” off of the Sex Type Thing single. Another easy one to throw this on is an album like Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live At Luther College.

At The Movies

There are a couple of ways to go about building this one. One way is to tap into the genre of “Original Film/TV/Video Game Music” (or something like that). You can also use the Grouping feature. Easy to do when downloading or importing a movie soundtrack, just put the word “Soundtrack” into the Grouping field. If you’re looking to drill down even more, feel free to use the “Original Film Score” genre for albums that are scores with composers like John Williams and Hans Zimmer.

That’s Unheard Of!

Having amassed a large music collection, sometimes tracks and music can fall by the wayside. You can shuffle all you want, but you inevitably end up skipping some (or most) tracks. This playlist is where “Play Count is less than 1”. You can tweak it a little more by taking out some of the genres that you don’t listen to on a daily basis like Standup Comedy, Broadway or even Classical.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Just like the #remix playlist, this one requires a little bit of attention to detail. Making sure that the playlist is complete, you need to make sure that you use a standard way of formatting the Artist field. Just like “Propellerheads (feat. De La Soul)”, make sure that there’s consistency in the naming of the artists, e.g. having “(feat.” after the main artist. The playlist is made up of “Artists containing (feat.”.